Estudiar Español

Copán Ruinas is the perfect place to study Spanish.

In contrast to large cities like Antigua with all their distractions and hundreds of fellow students, in tranquil Copán you can actually focus on learning Spanish.

These schools offers total immersion, a 1-to-1 student/teacher ratio, and a stay with a local family.

Guacamaya Spanish School

The Guacamaya Spanish School is a locally-owned school with experienced and enthusiastic teachers dedicated to providing high quality Spanish classes that will speed your language acquisition and comprehension.

We are located in the western highlands of Honduras, near the Guatemala border, in the heart of the peaceful, the scenic town of Copán Ruinas, just two blocks from the central park, and less than a mile from the world-renowned Maya archeological ruins.

Ixbalanque Spanish School

Are you looking for a high quality Spanish Language School, to meet new people, to explore new cultures? Well, Ixbalanque Spanish School has highly experienced certified teachers with up to 16 years experience. Our school recently was awarded the prestigious Award of Educational Excellence for our quality service since 1990. At our school students learn about and experience the local customs of Honduras, the Maya culture, and the Spanish-speaking world.

If you would really like to immerse yourself in the vividness of Honduras and work on improving or learning Spanish, what could be better than taking Spanish classes at the Ixbalanque Spanish School in the beautiful and peaceful town of Copán Ruinas?